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Local Market Discovery Led to Total Weight Loss Transformation

Hi FirstName,

Rare arts seeker accidentally discovered a new fat burning fruit seed around a local market in Sierra Leone.

This fat burning seed is now proven to melt 1.2 pounds of fat every 48 hours…

Without putting any harmful chemicals into your body.

I kid you not!

He even told me about the conversation he had with the local seller:

“This powder made the news just a few months ago. Some scientists here, in Africa, made a powder out of the seeds of a fruit and they tested it in their clinic. And people lost 0.4 lbs every day.

They gave them a lot of food, too. And they didn’t let them exercise. And they still lost almost half a pound every day.

They wrote a study about it, too. You can find it on the Internet if you want. It was a big hit here.”

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