Beyond Simplex

Beyond Simplex was designed to help eliminate cold sores and lessen symptoms of closely related viruses that affect the more personal and sensitive areas of your body.

The Herpes virus is NOT without treatment.

There is a real solution and it comes from the Philippine islands.

This can destroy 87% of herpes simplex symptoms… in under a week.

Robert Clarke proves it in his new video:

Robert researched ways to save his wife from herpes.

Spending 160 hours reading, interviewing and scouring everything he could find…

What he discovered is a God-send to people with herpes.

People are freeing themselves of the embarrassment of herpes… All thanks to his work!

The best part? Anyone can use his process to reverse herpes.

It doesn’t require large sums of money or strange ‘herbal’ diets…

=> Go here to learn about Robert’s anti-Herpes solution

Philippine “Herpes Solution”… Removes “87%”

It’s scary to think about, but it’s true. Herpes CAN kill. And the problem is a lot more common than you might think.

But guess what…

There’s a way to prevent breakouts naturally.

Big Pharma doesn’t want this secret to get out…

…because they’re too busy profiting off of people’s pain and misery.

After all, the herpes industry is a $4.8 billion dollar market.

Thankfully, researchers have discovered 3 powerful nutrients used by a polyamorous tribe in the Philippines. And the trio of nutrients is what keeps them with a clean bill of health.

The same trio of nutrients has already helped more than 4,850 people remain symptom-free.

Those same nutrients could help YOU remain symptom-free too.

Imagine a life where you never have to deal with embarrassing herpes symptoms again.

It’s possible!

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